Saracen Uganda Limited

Saracen Uganda Limited


Saracen Uganda Limited: Since 1995, Saracen Uganda Limited has offered premium security services across Uganda. The firm was founded as a passion project by our Chairman General Caleb Akandwanaho (Rtd.) and has quickly grown into a multidisciplinary organization. We look beyond the conventional security of persons and property and embed in our services, through each employee, customised solutions tailored to our customers basing on our particular understanding of our local landscape.

Saracen is ISO Certified

US ISO 9001:2015
US ISO 14001:2015
US ISO 18001:2007


Dear Customers and Partners, Thank you for your continued support of Saracen (U) Ltd.
When we first started Saracen Uganda in 1995, it was out of a need to transition fellow retired members of the armed forces, to a new and productive life, that of a working civilian. It was a welcome discovery to realise that we were making our debut in the private security industry in Uganda, and countries in the region.

At inception, our primary objective was to create jobs for skilled and experienced ex-servicemen who had spent their lives serving their country. A majority of whom would not have had the privilege of holding senior management positions because of inadequate academic qualifications. Notwithstanding, this specific group of people held an invaluable resource of skill and experience on the job.

Together with our initial team of a handful of ex-servicemen, we boldly set out to venture into business, offering security and human resource services. At the cusp of our 25th year in service, we have employed over 4,000 ex-servicemen and Ugandans. We have also created direct and indirect opportunities for many others in our industry with whom we work collectively to offer our services to customers. We are honoured to be Uganda’s longest serving private security firm. Saracen (U) Ltd is by far the superior Ugandan security company in size, footprint, and areas of operation.

I am particularly proud of our ability to continuously adapt to innovative technologies without compromising the core principles of security and camaraderie. We have taken the initiative to encourage a new group of young professionals to undertake leadership positions in the company and the results have been infinitely positive. We are also retaining the core, traditional elements of Saracen while simultaneously implementing activities that are securing the growth and sustainability of the firm through excellent service delivery.

Concerning our values and mission at inception, we have invested in skilling our staff to allow them to secure long-term employment opportunities across our national landscape. We believe that we have expanded nationally and regionally because we prioritise servitude towards the people that work with us. Saracen (U) Ltd will continue to advocate for the values of discipline, education, safety, camaraderie, and respect. I am confident in the knowledge that with Saracen, the safety of our home will be prioritized, and our people will continue to flourish for ages to come.


General Caleb Akandwanaho (Rtd)
The Chairman and Patron
Saracen Uganda Limited
245 Kansanga Gaba road
P.O. Box 22693, Kampala, Uganda

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